Facebook is Looking to Launch an Online Dating Service (Without Ads)

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Facebook announced that it would be launching an online dating service on its platform.

It seems that Facebook is all ready to hop on the bandwagon that are virtual dating apps but with no ads this time. Mark Zuckerberg officially announced this latest development during the most recent F8 developer conference. This took place on May 1-2, 2018 in San Jose, CA.

The First Details on Facebook’s Online Dating Service


According to the first reports, Facebook’s online dating service will be incorporated into the core app. This should ensure that users will be able to utilize it quickly and easily. This service will also present some key features that will be unique to all familiar with online dating.
One main difference between this online dating service and other already available ones is that it will be connecting people through shared events. The idea behind this is that linking people through events is a mirror image of how most people date in general.
Facebook users will be able to view other single people who are interested in attending the same events as them. Based on this, they could make plans to meet up via private message if they are matched.
For a more general view of the new feature, the Facebook dating service should be more Hinge than Tinder or Bumble. It will be focusing less on swiping and more on “genuine interest”. People will be matched on the app through accessing information on shared interests, distance, and groups joined.
This guarantees that all potential pairings will at least have something in common, to begin with. To ensure user privacy, the only public elements will be shared interest. The rest of the app will also be completely separate from a standard profile page.
A successful launch of this app might help ease many peoples’ worries about previous privacy issues on Facebook. This is an aspect discussed in detail at the F8 developer conference.
Facebook’s newest dating feature should be free and have no ads. No official announcement has been made of when this will become available, but it is reportedly in progress.
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