Google Rolls Out New Gmail Smart Compose Add-On

Smart Compose

Google’s Smart Compose is built on the Smart Reply feature.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than having to compose and send an email when you don’t feel like it, Google has launched a nifty little tool that significantly cuts down the time needed to perform such an endeavor. Called Smart Compose, Google I/O’s AI-powered tool will start rolling out begging this month.

What Exactly Is Smart Compose?

Think of how it’s like to compose an SMS or write someone a message on a smartphone. Each time you type in a letter, the smart assistant pops up and provides you with word suggestions based on the context. Google’s recently released feature works in roughly the same manner.

Taking full advantage of the Smart Reply feature, Smart Compose will allow you to finish an email in a jiffy by offering you context-based suggestion. Compared to the smartphone prediction system, Gmail’s feature will give you full-phrase suggestions and even come up with an ending if you’re fresh out of ideas.

It’s still far from Google’s full-auto email reply bot vision, but it’s the closest we can get for now. Mind you that the company has begun rolling out the update. Still, not all Gmail users will be able to take advantage of Smart Compose but, fret not, because the company assured that everyone would get the chance to play around with the AI-powered tool.


To see if you’ve received the add-on, head to your Gmail account and hit the “compose” button. After that, you’ll need to click or tap on “Setting” and look for the “experimental access” tab under the “General” tab.

Poke around for a bit until you find the “enable Smart Compose” button. Click or tap on the “save” button, and you’re good to go. If the feature doesn’t work, you might try refreshing the page or click again on the “compose” button.

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