Deodorant Challenge Reaches British Shores; Physicians Worried


The Deodorant challenge can irreversibly damage the patient’s skin, doctors declared.

A new and concerning Internet-born fad has taken the United Kingdom by surprise. Called the deodorant challenge, this emerging time-killer has already sent a Bristol teenager to the emergency room. General practitioners fear that more will follow.

What’s a Deodorant Challenge?

You’re probably familiar with the Tide Pod Challenge, the not-so-famous Internet fad that prompted US lawmakers to pressure the company into child-proofing their detergent pods.

Because eating, cooking or even snorting laundry pods is just too mainstream, teenagers have turned their attention to the deodorant challenge.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, here’s what we know so far. The goal of the challenge is sitting there while someone sprays you with deodorant.

Sounds simple and slightly silly, doesn’t it? Well, the results of this game are far from silly. Enters Jamie Prescott, a mother from Bristol.

The woman recently wrote on her social media account that her daughter got into a lot of hot water after accepting the deodorant challenge. To make a long story short, the 15-year-old girl landed in the emergency room with first-, second-, and even third-degree burns on her forearm after she allowed a friend to empty a can of spray on her.

Jamie’s story seems to confirm what David Smith, a University of Utah dermatologist, declared not so long ago.

According to Smith, the high-pressure gas resting inside the deodorant can damages skin. In high quantities, such gases can freeze the skin, producing frostbites.


The dermatologist also declared that the Bristol teenager was not the first patient admitted to the hospital with burns after accepting the deodorant challenge. In the United States, such cases go back as far as 2015.

As far as the Bristol teen is concerned, her mother wrote that the girl still requires medical attention and probably a skin graft in the foreseeable future.

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