Brazilian Mother Shoots Gunman at Point Blanc Range to Protect Parents


The Brazilian mother fired a single shot towards the gunman.

A Brazilian mother was hailed as a hero on Saturday after she managed to save a group of parents and their children from an armed madman. The woman, a seasoned police corporal, fatally shot the aggressor before he could reach the group.

Brazilian Mother Was Congratulated by Sao Paulo’s Governor

Katia da Silva Sastre is a 43-year-old mother from the city of Sao Paulo. After serving the Sao Paulo community for 23 years, Sastre earned the rank of police corporal.

In her spare time, the woman likes nothing best than to spend quality time with her daughter. Besides being a police officer and great mother, the woman recently became somewhat of a hero after she managed to foil the plans of a wanton gunman.

On Saturday, da Silva Sastre and several other parents gathered in front of the Colegio Ferreira Master school. The institution held a Mother’s Day celebration. Sastre and the others were waiting for their children to finish.

While locked in conversation with one of the parents, the Brazilian mother noticed a shady individual on the other side.

Although she was off-duty at that time, her years spent with the force taught her that she must always be ready to spring into action, no matter the circumstance.

Several seconds later, he drew out a handgun and raced towards the group of parents. He was later identified as 21-year-old Eliventon Neves Moreira.


According to several people, da Silva Sastre stayed her weapon until the individual came close to the group. She then loaded her service weapon and fired a single shot towards Moreira.

The individual was later pronounced dead at the scene. During her meeting with Marcio Franca, Sao Paulo’s governor, the Brazilian mother declared that the suspect clearly intended to gun down the children and their parents.

Image source: MaxPixel

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