English Madman To Serve Life in Prison for Making Necklace Out of Slain Girlfriend’s Teeth


The English madman used a similar backpack to carry his girlfriend’s remains to the trash.

Dean Lowe, a 33-year-old English madman who butchered his girlfriend, was recently found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The entire courtroom was to both appalled and outraged by Lowe’s denial.

English Madman Crafted Wicked Teeth Collar Authorities Declared

In January 2017, Kirby Noden, Lowe’s 32-year-old girlfriend, would go missing without a trail. No one knew what happened to the woman until May when one of Lowe’s relatives received a disturbing message.

According to court documents, the English madman wrote about how he killed Noden, dismembered her body, and carried the parts to the garbage using a backpack.

Soon after that, Lowe was arrested and charged with murder.

The investigators ransacked the man’s Devon home in search of Node’s cadaver. Based on the police report, the murder more than likely occurred in the man’s living room.

Using a blunt object, Lowe killed Noden and resumed his activities. After the body began to decay, Lowe used a knife to chop it into small pieces which he would later deposit in a backpack.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the man sat in the same room with his departed girlfriend for at least several weeks.

The crime scene investigation revealed that the walls were covered in blood and human remains were strewn across the floor.

While searching Lowe’s house, the investigators discovered an odd necklace. The English madman later confirmed that he made that necklace using his girlfriend’s teeth.


During his police interview, Lowe initially stated that Noden is alive. He later changed his confession, declaring that he blacked out that night and woke up next to Noden’s body.

The man managed to infuriate the entire courtroom, being adamant about not killing Noden. Even though the case was closed, the British authorities have yet to discover the woman’s remains.

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