DICE to Announced Next Battlefield Title


Next Battlefield title will take players to WWII.

Ready for the next game in the Battlefield series? Well, it would appear that we won’t have to wait any longer, as EA announced that the game’s first trailer would be made public on the 23rd of March. Fans speculate that the upcoming game will have a Second World War setting.

Battlefield 1 to Have a Better Sequel, EA Declared

Come one, come all to EA’s Battlefield V presentation event. Yes, you read that right. The mysterious title of the upcoming Battlefield sequel is plain “V.”

Joke aside, EA’s DICE recently announced that the game’s sequel would be made public on the 23rd of March during a YouTube/Twitch/Mixer event, hosted by none other than Trevor Noah, the witty TV anchor, and comedian.

And that’s the end of what we know so far about Battlefield’s successor. Up till now, the company has kept a close lid on the project for obvious reasons.

Of course, this does invite fans to speculate on the upcoming title. One of the most popular theories out there is that the fifth installment in the Battlefield series will take players to the war-torn fields of the Second World War (who would’ve guessed!?).

Now, as you know, EA and DICE kind of moved away from tradition with Battlefield 1. Although brooding and quite graphic, BF 1 was highly criticized mostly because of its microtransactions system.


Still, if you manage to see past that, it’s actually a very entertaining and, why not, informative game. With tons of weapons, classes, vehicles, and maps, Battlefield 1 could be considered one of the best multiplayer out there, right next to Overwatch and Fortnite.

There’s another thing to look forward to. According to DICE, in June, a couple of lucky players will be able to try out the game’s beta during EA Play.

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