Red Hydrogen One to Hit the Market in Q1 2018


Red Hydrogen One allows users to interact with apps using hand gestures.

Verizon, AT&T, and Red Video recently announced that Red Hydrogen one, the first fully holographic smartphone, will be up for grabs by the end of the summer. The cell, which boasts a hand gesture-operated interface, can be preordered on the manufacturer’s website.

What is Red Hydrogen One?

To make a long story short and sweet, Red Hydrogen One was marketed as the world’s first holographic cell phone.

More specifically, the smartphone will rely completely on projected images which users can interact with.

According to Red Video, the company which designed and manufactured the smartphone, Red Hydrogen One will be capable of projecting images on various objects.

More than that, it would appear that users will not require augmented reality glasses to interact with the holograms.

Unfortunately, this is all we know about the phone. Red Video backed by US’s Verizon and AT&T declared that the smartphone would probably hit the market at the end of this summer.

The phone was initially slated for January 2018, but the developers hit a rough spot and decided to postpone.

At the moment, Red is working on integrating various applications and hardware.

To get an idea of what you should expect, Red Hydrogen One looks a little like the offspring on a Samsung S8 and an iPhone X. Based on the information available so far, we can be sure that the smartphone will sport roughly the same features and technical specifications.


One of the phone’s greatest hits is 3D photography. Using the Red Hydrogen One’s camera, you will be able to snap fully 3D pictures. We didn’t know for sure how this works but given that the phone’s UI is based on holographic projections this theory doesn’t seem too farfetched.

For those of you interested in Red’s smartphone, it can be pre-ordered from the company’s website.

Image source: Pixabay

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