London Couple Kills French Nanny Over ‘Myopic’ Boy-Band Star Obsession


The London couple murdered the French nanny in the bathtub.

A London couple awaits the Central Criminal Court’s sentence after being found guilty of murder on Thursday. Both have been accused of killing Sophie Lionnet, their 21-year-old French nanny and burning her body in bustling London area.

London Couple Suspected Nanny of Having Had Affair with Boy-Band Lead

On Thursday, Central Criminal Court jury found 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider and 40-year-old Ouiseem Medoni guilty of homicide. The London couple will return to court on the 26th of June to be sentenced.

According to court documents, the unfortunate affair began shortly after the London couple started to suspect their French nanny of being in league with Mark Walton, Kouider’s boyfriend, and the founder of Boyzone, a UK boy-band.

The prosecution showed that Kouider and Medoni came to suspect in late September that Sophie has had a sexual encounter with Walton.

Since then, the London couple verbally and physically abused their French nanny. Furthermore, as the prosecution revealed, Medoni and Kouider beat Sophie with a power cable, starved her, and even tortured her by dunking her head in the water.

The whole affair culminated with Sophie’s murder in September. After murdering Lionnet, the London couple built a large bonfire and placed the corpse on it.

British authorities were called by their neighbors due to the smell. Despite the couple assuring the authorities that the charred remains belonged to a lamb, authorities detained them.


During Thursday’s hearing, Mark Walton described his relationship with Kouider as the most turbulent love affair he’s ever had. Walton revealed that Kouider was volatile, becoming triggers even by the most trivial thing.

After breaking up with Walton, the woman began what prosecutors described as a defamatory crusade. Kouider accused Walton of sexual assault and called the authorities on him 30 times. When that didn’t work,  Kouider took to social media to accuse Walton of pedophilia.

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