New Delhi Man Admitted to Hospital With Shower Head Stuck in Anus

shower head

The New Delhi man told the ER personnel that he had an ‘accident’ while fixing a leaking shower head.

Because there’s no such thing as a dull day when you’re working emergency, we bring you the case of a 26-year-old New Delhi man who drove to the hospital after he inserted a shower head into his anus. The foreign object was safely extracted, and the patient discharged after 48 hours.

New Delhi Man Said He Tripped and Fell on Shower Head

Dr. Peeyush Kumar, an emergency surgeon, working at the Ram Manohar Hospital and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, recalls the peculiar case of the young man who showed up at the hospital with a piece of plumbing sticking out of his anus.

The individual, whose name was not disclosed for privacy reasons, drove to the hospital’s emergency room and told Dr. Kumar that he tripped and fell on the shower head while he was repairing something in the bathroom.

An X-ray revealed that the shower head was 15 centimeters deep inside the 26-year-old man’s anus. Fortunately, there was no internal bleeding nor other lesions associated with this type of injury.

The foreign object was later extracted via surgery. According to the individual’s claims, he had to take apart the entire shower and cut a PVC pipe in order to drive to the hospital.


Despite the incident’s uniqueness, Dr. Kuman declared that this is not the first time he had to extract a foreign object from the anal cavity. According to the doctor, every year, thousands of individuals show up at the hospital with various objects stuck in the rectum.

Some of the most commonly removed objects are dildoes or vibrators. However, from time to time, surgeons are paged to remove fruits, vegetables, small rods, plastic bottles or glass bulbs.

The New Delhi man was discharged after 48 hours of observation.

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