Swansea Woman Takes Her Own Life After Doctor Removes Ovaries Without Permission


A Swansea woman commits suicide two years after having her ovaries removed.

The untimely death of 58-year-old Swansea woman prompted the authorities to launch an official investigation. In her farewell note addressed to her son, the Welsh mother said she could no longer deal with the paint. The woman hanged herself two years after a UK doctor removed her ovaries.

Swansea Woman Severed Ties with Husband and Son After Bowel Surgery

Angus Methuen-Campbell recalled during a recent press interview about the tragedy that befell Lucinda, his mother, after her 2016 surgery.

For more than a decade, Lucinda Methuen-Campbell of Swansea has had to deal with severe abdominal pain.

Angus said that his mother was diagnosed many years ago with a bowel condition.

In 2016, no longer able to withstand the throbbing pain, Lucinda traveled to Bristol. There, she went to see Dr. Tony Dixon, a surgeon specialized in using meshes.

According to Angus, Dixon told his mother that he would be able to treat her symptoms via surgery. The woman agreed, and Dixon performed the surgery several days later.

After waking up, Lucinda was informed by the hospital’s staff that Dixon had to remove her ovaries during the surgery.

Upon confronting the surgeon, Lucinda found out that her ovaries had to go because they got in the way.

Unfortunately, Dixon’s surgery didn’t help the Swansea woman with the pain. Her son recalled that her mother was in more pain than before the surgery.

Two years after the incident, the Swansea would write a farewell note to her husband and son before committing suicide.


Following Lucinda’s death, NHS and GMS launched an inquiry into the woman’s case.

Dixon’s questionable treatment methods are now on the block. For the duration of the inquiry, Dr. Dixon will be no longer allowed to operate.

Angus hopes that Dixon will be punished for what he did to his mother.

Image source: Pixabay

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