Quack Doc Under Scrutiny for Claiming to Heal Patients with Audio Clips

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California quack doc under investigating after claiming that he works wonder with sound waves.

California Medical Board recently suspended a homeopathic doctor who claimed that he healed patients using personalized audio clips sent via email. The quack doc went as far as boasting a cure for Ebola, typhoid or malaria though modulated sound waves.

Quack Doc Cured’ Ebola Patients With Hissing Sound Clip

Meet Bill Gray, a 75-year-old homeopathic doctor and website owner from sunny California. Dr. Gray has recently found out that his medical license could be in jeopardy after the state’s Medical Board found out about some of his more unusual practices.

According to various online publication, Dr. Gray, who was schooled at Stanford and in practice since the early ’70, is the online homeopathic specialist who’s capable of curing virtually any disease via a sound wave treatment.

The proud owner of mdinyourhands.com apparently spends his spare time ‘perfecting’ something he calls electronic remedies. According to the description posted on Gray’s website, eRemedies is a concept that refers to extracting homeopathic remedies using electronic mean from pharmacies on FDA’s white list.

More specifically, Dr. Gray believes that any condition can be cured online. Yes, you read that right.

The reason why California’s Medical Board decided to pull the plug on the quack doc’s experiments is that many patients complained about receiving the same treatment, regardless of their condition.


According to Gray’s vision of be-your-own-doctor, to get cured all you need to do is to shop online, fill out a 13-question survey, and to check the email for your cure. Apparently, all of Gray’s patients received the same 13-second-long audio clip which sounded like a snake hissing.

When asked about the clip, Gray would defend his practice by saying that the ‘sound waves’ were altered based on the patient’s questionnaire.


The California Medical Board could very well cancel the medical license of the quack doc.

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