Texas Bobcats Mistaken For Domestic Cats Passed Away


The Texas bobcats mistaken for domestic cats passed away at an animal sanctuary.

A Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. spokesperson confirmed that the two bobcats adopted by a Texas family passed away at the sanctuary. The family mistook the two bobcat cubs for domestic kittens. A vet declared that both cubs tested positive for feline parvovirus.

Texas Bobcats Developed Feline Panleukopenia, Animal Rescue Service Representative Said

In a recent Facebook post, a Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. spokesperson declared that the two bobcat cubs rescued in May by Animal Care Services passed away at their San Antonio sanctuary.

According to the spokesperson, the two wild felines were found abandoned in Atascosa County by Jane Dinscore and her family. Mistaking them for domestic kittens, Dinscore adopted them.

During a recent interview, the woman recalled the difficulties of caring for the two cubs. She said that when her family found the two kittens, they believed them to Bengals, a rare cat breed.

However, soon after taking them in, they began experiencing some issues, mostly in the feeding area. Dinsmore told the Animal Care Services that the cubs refused to be bottle fed. More than that, it would appear that the kittens actually destroyed three or four baby bottles during feeding time.

Suspecting that something might be wrong, Jane did a little bit of snooping around on the web. She was more than shocked to discover that the ‘Bengals’ were actually bobcats.


The Wildlife Rescue spokesperson declared that the two cubs were in awful shape when the Animal Care Services brought them in. Both were diagnosed with feline parvovirus that causes feline panleukopenia.

Unfortunately, having a weakened immune system, the Bobcats died after a couple of days. In the Facebook post, the company asked readers to reflect upon this unfortunate event which should serve as a reminder that wild animals belong in the wild.

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