“My mother left me to die in human waste,” The Story of Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden


Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden said that her grandmother forced her mother to terminate the pregnancy.

Melissa Ohden, the woman who had to come to terms with the thought that her mother wanted to get rid of her, recently shared her sad tale during a BBC interview. The abortion survivor told the moderator that only the kindness of strangers allowed her to continue her struggle.

Mother Forced by Grandmother to Get Rid of Unwanted Child, Abortion Survivor Said

Ruth Ogden was only 19 when she found out that she’s going to become a mother. In a cruel society that took a dim view of young mothers, Ruth told her grandmother about her pregnancy. Eight months later, the woman who was to become Mellissa Ohden, a fighter, and writer, was born.

During her BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview, Melissa told the moderator that she lived most of her life knowing that her mother wanted her dead. As she would later learn, Ruth dumped her in human waste in an Iowa hospital in 1977 after undergoing a toxic abortion procedure.

Melissa would have surely perished if not for a kind nurse who happened to pass by Melissa’s place of birth. When Melissa was older, she was told that the nurse found her squiring and crying in human waste. Ohden was later taken in by a kind family who also happened to have a daughter.

When she was 14, Melissa learned the horrible truth. She told the moderator that her sister told her about her mother’s failed abortion during a childish spat.

After that, Melissa’s life spiraled out of control. For a very long time, the woman did her best to cope with the truth – sometimes crying, sometimes isolating herself from the rest of the world, and most of the time by drinking.

However, she managed to take control of her life. More than that, she would embark on a decade-long search for Ruth.


Her efforts eventually paid off, being given a chance to confront her mother about the past. What she learned was to be more shocking than her sister’s words.

Ruth told Melissa that her grandmother, who was a well-known nurse, was on very good terms with the hospital’s abortionist. Having learned about Ruth’s pregnancy, the woman and the doctor ‘convinced’ her to abort the child.

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