Australian Saltwater Crocodile Kills Dog That Has Been Chasing Him Away

saltwater crocodile

Casey, the saltwater crocodile, ate Pippa, the dog who tormented him for the past decade.

Because Nature never forgets nor forgives, we bring you the sad story of a man from Australia whose pet dog has been eaten by a saltwater crocodile. We should also mention that Pippa, his dog, has been taunting and chasing him away for the past decade.

Australian Man Doesn’t Blame Saltwater Crocodile for Dog’s Death

Meet Kai Hansen, a man from Australia who loves animals and the outdoors. During a recent interview, Hansen told a reported that 15 years ago he left the big city and moved on a small island. Seems idyllic except for the fact that Hansen’s island is teeming with very hungry and very dangerous crocodiles.

Hansen said that the crocs weren’t giving him too much trouble. However, he does recall one particular event where Casey, a saltwater crocodile hanging around his house, tried to bite him.

The Australian man’s only concern was Pippa, one of his dogs. Hansen said that for the past decade, Pippa made a habit out of tracking down Casey and chasing him away. The man said that Pippa was always a brazen spirit.

Unfortunately, Pippa’s life ended abruptly last week. Probably growing weary of being bullied by the animal, Casey decided that it’s time for revenge. In video captured by a passerby, the saltwater can be seen taking a bite out of Pippa’s head before disappearing into the murky river.


Although saddened by the fact he lost one of his companions, Hansen declared that he knew that this day would come. He also told the reporter that he doesn’t blame Casey for what happened because he acted as a crocodile should.

Hansen, who has another dog called Hot Dog, said that the Pippa has always been an adrenaline junkie. The man said he plans on buying a new dog.

Image source: Pixabay

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