Connecticut Doc Removed 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor


Connecticut docs said that the ovarian tumor was pressing on the woman’s major blood vessels.

A crackerjack team of 12 surgeons made medical history mid-February after removing a 132-pound benign ovarian tumor. The patient, a 38-year-old school teacher, was severely malnourished when she arrived at the hospital.

Ovarian Tumor Was Pressing on Patient’s Blood Vessels, Doctors Reveal

Dr. Waagn Andikya, a gynecologist oncologist, working at the Danbury Hospital, declared during an interview that he had mix feelings when he first met the 38-year-old school teacher.

He said that the woman was malnourished and had difficulties handling simple tasks such as walking around the house.
According to the case report, the benign ovarian tumor popped up around November 2017 and continued to grow. Based on the doc’s estimation, the tumor grew at a rate of 10 pounds per week.

When the patient was admitted to the Danbury Hospital, the ovarian tumor weighed 132 pounds and measured 100 centimeters.

Andikya knew that there was no going back once the surgery commenced, so he sought the help of 11 other doctors, including plastic surgeons.

It took Andikya and the other surgeons over four hours to excise the tumor. The woman’s doctor explained that during the surgery, they’ve had to remove her left ovary, fallopian tube, and the peritoneal tube that the tumor was latched to.

After the tumor was removed, the plastic surgeons reconstructed the woman’s abdomen.

According to Dr. Andikya, the school teacher’s surgery was a success. They did not only manage to remove the gargantuan ovarian tumor, but they were also able to preserve her right ovary. Andikya said that, with treatment, the woman would be able to have children.


But the good news doesn’t end here. Several months after undergoing surgery, the woman managed to make a complete recovery.

She was recently discharged from the Danbury Hospital and she’s now back to teaching.

Image source: MaxPixel

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