Pennsylvania Man Defecates on Driver During Bizarre Road Rage Incident


The Pennsylvania man claims he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you thought that driving home for work is annoying, check out this story. A Pennsylvania man was recently arrested and charged with harassment after he allegedly defecated on another driver during a road rage incident. The man claims he has a medical issue.

Pennsylvania Man Was on His Way to the Doctor

Meet Henry George Weaver, a retired New Tripoli farmer, and probably the Bad Luck Brian of drivers. Mr. Weaver was recently involved in a road incident that not only got him a court citation but caused him a ton of embarrassment as well.

Now, according to Mr. Weaver’s claims, on Friday he left home to visit his doctor whose clinic is in Heidelberg Township. As Weaver drove down Route 309, he stopped to make a left turn on Route 100.

At that moment, another driver popped in front of him, forcing Mr. Weaver to hit the brakes. Weaver said that both of them got out of the car to have a ‘nice’ and ‘calm’ chat about what has transpired.

During a recent interview, Weaver claimed to have IBS, which is short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Patients with IBS experience cramps, abdominal pain, bloated, and diarrhea.

Mr. Weaver said that while he was arguing with the man about the right away, his IBS kicked in. Thus, the poor Pennsylvania man had no choice but to go number two right in front of the man. Mr. Weaver recalls pulling down his pants and letting Nature take its course in the middle of the road.


The man told the reporter that he tried explaining to the other driver that he has a medical condition. However, the driver called the authorities.  Weaver was arrested and charged with harassment. Despite explaining over the phone that he has a medical condition, he still has to appear in court.

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