Skyrim Very Special Edition Takes Charge of Alexa’s Voice-Controlled Interface


You can download Skyrim Very Special Edition from Alexa’s store.

Ever wondered what’s it like to play a tabletop version of award-winning The Elder Scroll Skyrim? Well, wonder no more, because Bethesda’s tech team has actually released a light version of Skyrim for Amazon’s Echo.

What’s Up with Skyrim Very Special Edition?

Of all the RPGs on the market, there hasn’t been one as altered as Bethesda’s 2011 hit. When it comes to Skyrim, there’s no telling what the community cooks up in terms of improvement. From 4K skin packs to the mod that allows you to woo Serana, the hot vampire chick, Skyrim is a never-ending well for modders.

Well, it would appear that Bethesda really managed to set the bar high when it released Skyrim Very Special Edition. Here’s what you need to know about this version.

This weekend, during E3, Bethesda partnered up with Keegan-Michael Keys, a popular comedian, for a Skyrim ad.  The said ad starts with Keys sitting on the couch and telling Alexa to fire up Skyrim. Might seem a little off considering that he just ditched the Xbox controller.

However, using only his voice, Keys manages to move around Skyrim, slaying mud crabs and dragons in his wake.

While everyone treated the video as a hoax, Bethesda declared that the game is legit. More than that, those interested in giving it a go can download it for free from Alexa’s online store.

Since we don’t have an Amazon Echo, we can’t say for sure what it feels like to play the game using only voice commands. However, if we were to judge the game by its video, it looks rather amusing and quite challenging.

Genre-wise, Skyrim Very Special Edition reminds us of those text-based PC games where you had to imagine everything from your surroundings to your character’s actions.

Image source: Flickr

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