ER Doctor Suspended After Telling African-American Boy and His Father to Take a Hike


The ER doc told boy that he’s not really sick.

El Camino Hospital’s medical board decided last week to suspend an ER doctor who, allegedly, accused a boy and his father of faking sickness to obtain drugs. The patient was transported to the hospital after experiencing an anxiety attack.

ER Doctor Told Patient that He’s not Sick

Last week, on Monday, Donald Bardwell, a Los Gatos resident, had witnessed one of the most humiliating in his life. The man recalls having to drive to the hospital after Samuel, his son, experience an anxiety attack during a basketball match. Samuel’s case was known to the doctors working at the El Camino Hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Donald and his son were asked to step into an empty consultation room. Several minutes later, Dr. Beth Keegstra, the ER doctor on call barged in and began eyeballing the man and his son.

Without even saying ‘hello’ or asking them the reason for their visit, the ER doctor told Samuel to get up from the table. When the boy said that he could not stand on his feet, Keegstra called his claims nonsensical. She also told him that the emergency room is for sick and dying people, not for patients that need mollycoddling.

After she said to Samuel that she’s going to put him on a gurney and parade him through the ER, the woman turned to his father and blatantly told him that she knows what kind of people they are. That’s when Donald took out his phone to record the doc’s rants.

Apparently, the ER physician believed that Samuel was faking his condition so that she could prescribe them painkiller. In other words, Keegstra was firmly convinced that both were opioid addicts.


After Donald made the video public, the hospital’s medical board decided to investigate the case. For the duration of the investigation, Dr. Keegstra has been suspended.

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