Chinese Nursing Student Murders Parents, Commits Suicide Over a Skin Condition


Nursing student killed parents because of her skin condition.

On Monday, Hong Kong authorities discovered three dead bodies during a welfare check at a Tuen Mun flat. According to the police report, Pang Ching-Yu, a 23-year-old nursing school dropout, stabbed to death her 56-year-old mother and 60-year-old father. In her suicide note, Ching-Yu blamed her parents for her skin condition.

Chinese Nursing Student with Skin Condition Unable to Show Her Face in Public

Honk Kong Police declared that the three people found dead inside the Tuen Mun flat were related. Based on the clues recovered from the crime scene, the authorities determined that Pang Ching-Yu, the couple’s 23-year-old daughter, stabbed her parents to death a knife before

The couple’s bodies were found in separate bedrooms, while Ching-Yu’s body was found in her bedroom. According to the authorities, the woman had a plastic bag over her head, with a small pipe sticking out. The pipe was apparently connected to a helium tank.

Upon analyzing her online activity, the authorities established that Ching-Yu posted a suicide note on the forum.

There, she wrote that her skin condition ruined her chances of having a normal life and blamed her parent for bringing her into this world.

According to Hong Kong Police spokesperson, the woman was struggling for a long time with eczema, an inflammatory condition of the skin, characterized by rashes, irrigation, skin patches, and oozing blisters.

In her farewell letter, the woman also said that her condition worsened after undergoing steroids therapy. She ended the letter by saying that parents giving birth to a child with eczema are far worse than those who are poor.



Carmen Lam Ka-Man, a dermatologist, explained that, in severe cases, patients with this type of skin condition could develop an anxiety disorder or depression. The family is survived by Ching-Yu’s 28-year-old sister.

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