Child Who Lost Leg in Freak Lawnmower Accident to Get a Prosthetic


Italia’s family member was driving a similar lawnmower when the accident occurred.

Italia McAllister is a spunky 5-year-old girl from Indianapolis who loves her family and going to kindergarten. Beneath Italia’s infectious smile lies a heartbreaking story. In May, the girl lost her left leg after being hit by a lawnmower. Still, the girl pulled through, and, according to her parents, she will soon receive a prosthetic.

Girl Underwent Multiple Reconstructive Surgeries after Lawnmower Accident

Robyn McAllister, Italia’s mother, said that she and her family went through Hell and back after Italia lost her left leg.

During a recent TV interview, Mrs. McAllister declared that the family’s tragedy began on the morning of the 18th of May, while Italia was at her grandparent’s house.

According to Italia’s mom, her grandfather was about to back up the machine after getting the job, when he realized that something was terribly wrong. Indeed, the man backed up without realizing that Italia was behind the lawnmower. Regrettably, the machine was still running.

From her grandparent’s house, Italia was taken to the Elkhart hospital. However, given the extent of the trauma, the doctors decided to airlift her to the Riley Hospital for Children. That’s where Italia’s family met Dr. Patrick Gerety, a pediatric plastic surgeon.

The good doctor, who performed Italia’s many surgeries, declared that the child showed remarkable resilience give the circumstances. He said that although the girl’s case is one of the most severe he witnessed in his entire career, she somehow managed to pull through.


Still, Italia’s not of the woods yet. Dr. Gerety and his team still have to perform a couple of more surgeries to prepare the child for the prosthetic. Moreover, Mrs. McAllister and her family must ensure that Italia’s amputation area is always clean, to avoid infection.


If all goes well, Italia should receive her prosthetic as soon as she turns 18.

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