Sunderland Boys in Hospital with Chemical Burns from Black Henna Tattoos

Black Henna Tattoo Art

Black henna tattoos could cause chemical burns, doctors warn.

A couple from Sunderland, England has recently taken to social media to warn other parents about the unspoken dangers of allowing their children to get black henna tattoos. The two declared that their children ended up in the hospital with chemical burns after visiting a tattoo parlor in Majorca.

Black Henna Tattoos Contain Chemical Harmful to Skin

Carrie and Stephen Archibald, a couple from Sunderland, declared that the what they took to be a dream vacation quickly went sideways. Carrie, 35, recalls that last month, she and her husband took their children, Kane Archibald,7, and Nathaniel Hainsworth, 13, on a vacation to Cala Bona, a Spanish resort in Majorca.

While there, Kane and Nathaniel insisted on getting henna tattoos from resort parlor. Nathaniel, Carrie’s eldest son, had a tiger inked on his back, while Kane, his brother, insisted on getting a similar one on his right arm.

One week after returning from their trip abroad, Carrie remembers receiving a phone from Nathaniel, who was at school. When she got there, she saw that her son’s back was all swollen.

Worried, the woman took the child to Sunderland Royal Hospital. Carrie says that the ER doctors told her that Nathaniel had an allergic reaction. They gave him something for the swollen arm and sent him home. Several days later, Carrie returned to the hospital, but with Nathaniel’s sibling in tow.


Apparently, the child had suffered a similar skin reaction. A closer examination revealed that both children had chemical burns. The doctors told Mrs. Archibald that a substance used in black henna tattoo ink (para-phenylenediamine) could cause burns when it used on the skin.

More than that, for the past decade, dermatologists have warned tourists to stay away from black henna tattoos because of the harmful chemical.

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