German Scientists Discovered Link Between Caffeine Intake and Heart Disease


German scientists concluded that right amount caffeine can actually protect your heart.

Four cups of coffee a day keep heart diseases away – this appears to be the conclusion of the latest caffeine-related study undertaken by a team of medical scientists from Düsseldorf. The paper, which was recently published in the PLOS Biology journal, sheds a new kind of light on our coffee-drinking habit.

Right Amount of Caffeine Can Trigger Heart-Protecting Proteins, Scientists Declared

Last week, Professor Judith Haendeler, one of the study’s authors announced the results of the latest study focused on the link between caffeine intake and heart disease.

Together with her colleagues from IUF-Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine and the Heinrich-Heine University, Haendeler discovered that a certain amount of caffeine, four to five cups of day to be more specific, could trigger a special protein that has a considerable role in protecting the heart.

As Professor Haendeler explained, caffeine activates p27, a regulatory protein. This protein moves into the mitochondria, further protecting the heart muscle from heart attacks or other cardiac diseases.

The study’s results are based on both human and animal trials. Haendeler said that the clinical experiments have been performed on mice that were older, slightly obese, and had the tell-tale signs of diabetes.

As for the human trials, Haendeler said that the teams led by Professor Joachim Altschmied from the Heinrich-Heine University gathered data from 40,000 respondents.


The results of the study are encouraging, to say the least. Professor Altschmied pointed out that the new caffeine study refutes the more traditional don’t drink if you have a heart disease theory. Moreover, the newly-gathered data shows that people who consumed four to five cups of coffee (espresso in study’s case) are more protected against heart attacks and other cardiac diseases.

This is not the only benefit of drinking coffee. Further research revealed that caffeine improves the strength of endothelial cells.

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