Nebraska Autistic Boy Ends Up in ER With Broken Fingers After Getting Bullied


A Nebraska autistic boy wound up with bruises and broken fingers after a run-in with a bully.

A mother from Nebraska speaks out against bullying after her 9-year-old son with autism and weight issues ended up in the emergency room with bruises and several broken fingers. Apparently, the mother caught the aggressor beating the Nebraska autistic boy with a large stick.

Nebraska Autistic Boy Playing With Other Children Before Being Beaten

Sarah Ford of Nebraska recently declared that children and parents have to be educated about the dangers of bullying. Ford said that bullying is not only harmful but potentially fatally.

The unfortunate mother had to learn this the hard way after her son got hurt by the neighborhood bully.

During a recent interview, Mrs. Ford said that she was shocked to discover how cruel children can be when interacting with people whom they deem ‘not normal.’ Ford has three children, two of them having been diagnosed with autism. DeShawn, Ford’s 9-year-old son seems to be ‘favorite’ target of a child who lives in the same neighborhood.

For told the reporter that the child in question usually makes fun of her sons weigh, but never resorted to physical violence.

Unfortunately, last Friday, while DeShawn was out playing with his friend, the boy attacked him. When mother Ford found him, little DeShawn was in tears and covered in bruises. The Nebraska autistic boy was taken to the emergency room, where the doctors told his mother that the attack left him with several broken fingers.


Regrettably, DeShawn isn’t the only autistic child who wound up in the hospital after a confrontation with a bully.

Last week, a mother from England said that she had to take her child to the hospital because some children impaled him with a rusty iron nail.

Ford also declared that she also holds accountable all adults who remain indifferent when seeing a child getting bullied.

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