The Story Behind Miraculous Limb Reattachment Surgery Performed in North Carolina


Months after the limb reattachment surgery, Tyler can move light object.

Back in January, Tyler Hughes, a North Carolina teenager, nearly lost his left arm. Fortunately, thanks to his mother’s quick-thinking and a team of crackerjack surgeons from the Wake Fore Baptist Medical Center, young Hughes kept his arm. This is the story of how the team performed the astounding limb reattachment surgery.

Limb Reattachment Surgery Took Nearly 10 Hours to Complete

Doctor Matthew Goldman, one of the surgeons assigned to Tyler’s case, declared that the limb reattachment surgery wouldn’t have been possible without the teenager’s mother.

In late January, Hughes was operating a utility terrain vehicle when he lost control and crashed. Unfortunately, the vehicle flipped, and the roll bar struck Tyler’s left arm. The force of the impact chopped off the teenager’s arm.

His mom, who had witnessed the incident, ran to him and tied a bandage around the wound to prevent massive bleeding. Dr. Goldman said that the woman’s quick-thinking saved her son’s from certain death.

Hughes was later rushed to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Goldman, who was on call that day, decided to call in a team of doctors in an attempt to reattach the teen’s severed limb.

In hindsight, Dr. Goldman declares that the surgery was possible because Tyler’s nerves were left undamaged. The limb reattachment surgery took 9 and a half hours and assembled a team of vascular and orthopedic surgeons.

Goldman explained that they’ve had to remove a vein from Tyler’s leg so that they could bypass the ruptured artery in the teen’s arm. The surgery was successful.


After the limb reattachment surgery, Tyler could slightly move his arm. Goldman said that it could take a while for Tyler’s arm nerves to regenerate.

Since the January incident, the North Carolina teenagers underwent six surgeries. In June, his mother wrote on her Facebook page that Tyler’s now able to carry small bags and to grasp door handles.

Image source: Pixabay

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