Russian Guitarist Removed from Amsterdam-Bound Flight Due to Strong Odor Dies at Hospital

Hospital's ICU

The Russian guitarist had necrotizing fasciitis.

Andrey Suchilin, a 58-year-old Russian guitarist, passed away on the 25th of June at a Portugal hospital. The man was forcibly removed from an Amsterdam-bound flight after passengers complained to flight crew about a strong odor coming from the man. Suchilin was later diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis.

Russian Guitarist Said He Picked Up Infection While in Spain

As Suchilin wrote on his Facebook page, his drama began on the 29th of May, when he and Lidia, his wife, boarded the flight bound to the Netherlands.

Prior to his departure, the Russian guitarist spent most of his holiday in Spain at the beach. He wrote that before his trip to the Netherlands, he consulted a physician about an infection he caught at the beach. Apparently, the doctor assured Suchilin that his condition wasn’t serious.

However, upon boarding the plane, the true nature of Suchilin’s medical condition began to resurface. According to the May 29 incident report, the pilots decided to make an emergency landing in Portugal because some of the passengers complained about a strong odor emanating from Suchilin.

Reportedly, several minutes after takeoff, a couple of passengers required medical attention because the strong smell made them faint.

In a Facebook post dated May the 30th, Suchilin wrote that his health insurance had expired and that his lengthy hospital stay left him without money. He had to turn to his friends and family to cover the ever-growing medical bills.

Unfortunately, his next post, which had been written by Lidia, wasn’t so optimistic as the previous ones. His wife wrote that a team of Portuguese doctors diagnosed her husband with necrotizing fasciitis, a rapidly-progressing infection that could be fatal if not addressed in time.


On the 2nd of June, the Russian guitarist’s wife wrote that surgeries have been unsuccessful and that Andrey slipped into a coma. On the 25th of June, the Russian guitarist passed away.

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