Pennsylvania Detectives Zero Down on DJ Who Killed Christy Mirack in the ‘90s

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Christy Mirack case cracked after 26 years.

Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office announced a breakthrough in the Christy Mirack case, after 26 years of following cold trails. Thanks to advanced DNA sampling techniques, the detectives managed to identify and arrest the man who kidnapped, raped and strangled the 25-year-old school teacher in 1992.

Christy Mirack Case Cracked By Parabon NanoLabs Technicians

During a recent press appearance, Craig Stedman, the Lancaster County District Attorney, announced that an arrest has been made in the Christy Mirack case.

According to Stedman’s statement, the man every police officer was after since Mirack’s body was discovered on the 21st of December 1992 is Raymond Charles Rowe, a 49-year-old DJ. Stedman seized the opportunity to thank the staff of Parabon NanoLabs, the laboratory that processed the DNA samples retrieved from the crime scene.

On the 21st of December 1992, one of Mirack’s co-workers went to her East Lampeter Township residence to check up on the elementary school teacher. Apparently, the school’s staff was worried because Mirack didn’t show up for work that day.

Upon entering the woman’s residence, her colleague found Mirack’s corpse lying on the bedroom floor.

The homicide detectives combing the crime scene found a wooden board next to Mirack’s cadaver. Moreover,  this led them to believe that the attacker could have used the board to kill the elementary school teacher.

The coroner’s report indicated that Christy Mirack had been beaten and raped before being strangled to death. Foreign DNA samples were recovered from the crime scene and Mirack’s body.

Unfortunately, at the time, they weren’t enough for a conviction.

In 2017, lab technicians from Parabon NanoLabs spliced the DNA samples to determine the killer’s identity. This led them to a phenotype (a set of characteristics that define the individual; these characteristics can be determined by tracing a genotype’s interaction with the environment).

This phenotype allowed the investigators to ‘see’ how the individual would look like after two decades. In addition, a genealogical foray allowed them to surmise that the person possessing those exact characteristics is Raymond Charles Lowe.


The authorities managed to positively identify Lowe as Mirack’s murderer by comparing DNA samples taken from gum and a water bottle to the DNA unlocked by Parabon NanoLabs.

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