Long Beach Siblings Diagnosed With the Same Type of Brain Cancer Two Weeks Apart


Noah and Kalen will require chemo and radiation therapy for brain cancer.

An uncanny medical case mystified California doctors. Two children, ages 4 and 6, had been diagnosed with the same type of brain cancer. The case is even stranger as the second child began exhibiting symptoms two weeks after the first one was diagnosed.

Both Children Responded Well to Brain Cancer Treatment, Doctors Declared

Recently, Nohea and Duncan Avery, a California couple, spoke for the first time after their children have been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a common type of malignant brain cancer diagnosed in children.

In an interview, Duncan recalls how he found out that Kalea, his 6-year-old daughter, had cancer. According to Duncan, it all happened around Memorial Day.

While they were at home, Kalea came to him and his wife and told her that she needs to throw up. Several days later, Kalea would experience excruciating headaches and had trouble holding down her meals. That’s when the couple decided to take her to the hospital.

The doctors first told Nohea and Duncan that little Kalea could have picked up a little bug. However, her symptoms continued, despite the medication. During their second trip to the hospital, the couple found out that their daughter had brain cancer.

Two weeks after Kalea’s diagnosis, Noah, the California couple’s 4-year-old son, began experiencing strange symptoms. Nohea said that her son had trouble maintaining his balance and that he had debilitating migraines.

After another trip to the hospital, the couple discovered that their son also has the same type of brain cancer as his sister.


Since Memorial Day, both underwent tumor removal surgery. At the moment, Kalea and her brother are engaged in occupational and physical therapy. The doctors said that the children had responded well to the treatment.

In the months that follow, the two will undergo chemo and radiation therapy.

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