Stephen Hawking Fears Possible Alien Encounters

Stephen Hawking advises us to remain wary during possible alien encounters.

During a recent 25-minute video that the famous astrophysicist posted on a special, on-demand website, Stephen Hawking speaks about all of the things NASA has been up to lately, everything new in the space exploration field, and how we should fear possible alien encounters.

This is not the first instance in which Hawking warns us about the vicious intentions of aliens. Back in 2010, he made the headlines by declaring that we shouldn’t be so anxious to be contacted by outer space inhabitants because their intentions may not be to break bread with us and witness the majestic beauty of the Niagara Falls.
Hawking’s explanation for his weariness of possible alien encounters is the example of Christopher Columbus and the Native Americans. While Columbus never set sail keen on destroying an entire civilization, he did resort to inhuman violence and war tactics when he saw that the land he was trying to claim was already occupied.
On the other hand, there might just be other species of aliens out there who just wish to make friendly contact. However, seeing as we would be net inferior from a technological point of view, we wouldn’t represent that much of a threat if they decided Earth is good enough to be claimed. That is why Hawking is advising all alien enthusiasts to remain wary of the possibility of encountering alien life forms on our planet’s territory.
During the 25-minute video entitled Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, the astrophysicist also speaks about an alien planet dubbed Gliese 832c. The planet, which is roughly five times larger than our own is situated the right distance from its sun to make it a good candidate for sustaining life as we know it.
While presenting the possible future home, the scientist also explains that an astronomer’s job is not as easy as it looks, one being unable to express certitudes about distant planets. His example is still Gliese 832c which, on paper, should be habitable, but it could also be trapped in a deadly gravitational pull originating from its sun, or it could be surrounded by such a thick atmosphere that no light would be able to reach the surface.
All in all, Hawking is eager to find life on other planets, but he is not that excited when it comes to aliens contacting us. Do you agree with him? Will any possible alien encounters prove to be a threat to humankind?
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