What is the truth behind Clinton foundation

What is the truth behind Clinton foundation

The Clinton Foundation has stirred a lot of arguments, but that didn’t stop the foundation from receiving a top rating from a charity watchdog. The organization got a four-star rating, which surprised a lot of people.  The rating was given by Charity Navigator who is a respected organization that evaluates charities so that donors can be informed about contributions.
The problem is that this organization was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative for two years and people are not sure if the rating was given just because they worked together. The president of the organization said that the Clinton campaign did not influence the rating. Moreover, it is based on tax documents and a special algorithm, so the rating was right. However, people seem to have another opinion.
According to a recent study,  most voters think that Clinton used this foundation to sell influence to contributors. The Clinton foundation was started by President Bill Clinton. Evidence shows that the organization accepted donations from other governments while his wife was the secretary of state.  Moreover, people are trusting her less due to the newly surfaced information, her candidacy being affected.
After those e-mails were revealed, there were many people who were not satisfied with the Democratic candidate. They think she would do anything to get elected, her polls mirroring the shady situation in which she currently finds herself.
Hilary Clinton managed to be one of the most powerful women in the history of United States. She was the United States Secretary of State for four years, she was the senator of New York from 2001 to 2009 and the First Lady of United States while her husband was President, for eight years. Now she is the official presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. If she wins the election, she will be the first woman to take over the Oval Office.
The Clinton Foundation was founded by Bill Clinton in 1997. Its goal was to help people from the whole world with the challenges they had to struggle with. It managed to raise billions of dollars and this was not seen as a good thing because the donors were important individuals.
Most voters think that Hillary is using this foundation to get contributors and make people have a good opinion about her. There are others who say that she was just trying to help people. We do not know the truth. The important thing is that people are helped due to this foundation and it makes the world a better place.
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