Home Invasion Robbery Proves Fatal for Downey Man

A home invasion robbery has proven fatal for a Downey man, and law enforcement has already managed to apprehend two of the alleged culprits, while a third suspect remains on the loose.
911 dispatchers were alerted at approximately 11:13 a.m. on Sunday, January 17, when an anonymous caller informed them about the attack.
It appears that the home invasion robbery was committed by 3 perpetrators: two of them managed to bring the sole resident of the house close to a side door, and afterwards forcibly gained entry into the building.
A third burglar soon followed on their heels, and during the altercation the eyewitness saw the home-owner being thrown to the ground by his assailants.
When police officers managed to reach the scene of the crime, in Lesterford Avenue’s 10300 block, they saw the robbers leaping over a backyard fence, and fleeing the private property.
After a brief chase, law enforcement managed to apprehend two of the alleged perpetrators: Paul Darvis Misikei, a 19-year old from Anaheim, and Henry Willie Sao, a 28-year old Long Beach resident.
The two have been placed under arrest and charged with homicide, after police officers entered the robbed residence and discovered the dead body of the home-owner.
The victim, whose name hasn’t yet been released by investigators, appears to be 59-year old Jim Rudometkin, according to his neighbors and friends.
Those who had been acquainted with the man, lovingly known as “Uncle Boo Boo”, have deplored the violent way in which he met his demise, remembering him as a kind and generous individual, who was always there for them in times of need.
For now, it’s unclear what triggered the Rudometkin’s death, as a forensic autopsy is currently being performed by the coroner.
A criminal inquest is under way in order to establish how the home invasion robbery occurred, and what role each of the alleged burglars played in the homicide.
Also, law enforcement is still searching for the third suspect, and is urging any potential witnesses to come forth and assist them with the investigation.
Apparently, the fugitive is a Pacific Island American in his late teens or early twenties, with a height of around 5 feet and 8 inches, weighing approximately 160 pounds.
The last time he was seen, the man, who can also be recognized by his black mane of thick and shaggy hair, was dressed in blue jeans, an orange or red button-up shirt, and black and white sneakers. Downey Police Department has also revealed that his getaway vehicle may have been a white, four-door sedan.
Those who believe they hold vital information regarding the home invasion robbery, that could enable authorities to apprehend the suspect who is still evading, them should contact detective Paul Hernadez (at 562-904-2368), Downey’s police department (at 562-904-2308) or Crime Stoppers (at the toll-free number 1-800-222-TIPS).
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