Skin Cancer Cream Caused The Death Of A Few Dogs

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Make sure you keep your skin cancer cream away from your pet.

According to the latest FDA reports, a cream used to prevent and treat skin cancer led to the death of five dogs who accidentally ingested it. Therefore, the agency warns pet owners to prevent their cats or dogs from reaching the cream.

Also known as fluorouracil, this product is found in pharmacies with brand names like Fluoroplex, Efudex, and Carac. Based on the FDA report, one of the cases involved two dogs who were playing with a tube of cream.

At some point, the tube was punctured by one of the dogs. Until the owner retrieved it, the dog which accidentally punctured the small tube started to experience seizures, began vomiting, and eventually died within the next twelve hours.

Another case involves a dog which found a tube of the skin cancer cream in the owner’s house and ingested it. By the time the owner realized what he had happened, he took his dog to a veterinarian in short notice.

Unfortunately, nothing else could be done, so the veterinarian had to euthanize the sick dog. The FDA officials stress that those who use this skin cancer cream should be extremely careful when they apply and store it, especially if they own a pet.

According to the specialists, fluorouracil is potentially deadly for pets even in small amounts. This cream destroys fast-growing cells which cause pre-cancerous skin growths and skin cancer. Although no cases involving cats have been reported so far, the FDA says that these animals might also die if they ingest the skin cancer cream.

For instance, owners may apply the cream to their skin and then, touch their cat. As such, the cat might ingest the chemical substance when grooming itself. That is why the FDA strongly recommends all pet owners to make sure they keep their medications away from their pets.

Also, the owners must safely clean or discard any cloth which might retain the skin cancer cream and ensure that they don’t leave any cream residues on furniture, carpeting, clothing, and hands.

The FDA advises people to consult their health care providers on whether they should cover the afflicted areas after applying the skin cancer cream. Those who believe that their pets might have been exposed to a topical medication containing fluorouracil should talk to a veterinarian immediately.

Last but not least, in case your pet experiences seizing, vomiting or any other signs of illness, seek and provide immediate care for the pet.

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