5G Technology Could Start Being Rolled Out This Year

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According to a recent AT&T statement, 5G technology could start being rolled out this year.

According to a recent AT&T statement, 5G technology could start being rolled out sometime later this year. The provider will reportedly begin the program in Indianapolis and Austin.

5G technology should come as no big surprise. All the current systems have developed into a faster, better variant. As some point out, the “G” stands for generation. And since the appearance of 2G, it has been taking leaps and bounds.

Presently, 4G is the standard. It is a considerable advancement from 3G. And the new 5G should continue this upwards trend. 4G came with an improvement to the communication systems. This targeted both phone calls and text messages. And also advanced the Internet connectivity.

According to initial reports, 5G technology will build on these improvements. AT&T offered details about the system. AT&T is one of the largest mobile providers in the world. It is also considered the largest fixed telephone service provider in the United States.

The telecommunications conglomerate is based in Dallas, Texas. On Wednesday, the multinational released a statement. This was posted on its official blog post. And it announced the rolling out of the new 5G technology.

According to the release, the system will be more than just “speeds and feeds”. It will ensure the user privacy and security. And also that they are data-powered. Through the announcement, AT&T introduced “Indigo”.

The AT&T Network 3.0 Indigo should offer a full 5G experience. It will do so as improvements have been made to all the network parts. The 5G technology should offer a faster speed. And should also be able to reach unconnected areas. Currently, there still are regions with no or poor connectivity features.

John Donovan offered a few details. He is the AT&T Chief Strategy Officer. And according to him, Indigo will be a sort of “the third generation of modern networking”. Besides the increased speed, it should also see several other feature boosts. For example, it should come as an efficient, capable, and seamless network.

The 5G technology will come with some user bonuses. They will be able to safely use and browse through applications. 5G should come as a more stable and secure variant.

Anything from photos to videos should upload faster. And they will also be easier to view. Or to download. Users should also be able to link to more Internet-connected devices.

Reportedly, Indigo will also be coming with some unexpected features. More exactly, it may also include artificial intelligence and machine learning skills. Or cyber security options. It may also have elements such as Big Data.

Donovan stated that Indigo will be similar to an upgradable platform. Or even a smartphone operating system. It will keep on growing. 5G technology will most likely become the new standard. After all, every new technology replaced its predecessor.

“The 5G Evolution”, as AT&T calls it, will begin sometime in the next months. An exact date has yet to be offered. It will first be rolled out throughout Austin and Indianapolis.

AT&T is reportedly expecting a 400Mbps+ wireless network speed. Nonetheless, this may be its top speed. Theoretically, this maximum could differ according to region. Some areas could potentially reach even a 1Gbps speed.

Preliminary details state that the 5G Evolution speed peaks will only be available in select market areas. And they will also require a strong, compatible device. The actual efficiency of the new 5G technology will probably be evaluated after its launch.

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