Waze Carpool Is Looking To Expand Its Area Of Outreach

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Waze is looking to expand its Waze Carpool service outside of the Bay Area and even the U.S.

Just recently, Waze revealed that it has some big plans. The company is looking to expand its Waze Carpool service. And soon, it may become available to users outside of the Bay Area.

Waze is a geographical navigation app program. The GPS-based service was developed and released by Waze Mobile. The Israel-based company was then acquired by Google back in 2013. Waze’s app comes with both an Android, Windows Phone, and iOS version. And it even won a Best Overall Mobile App award.

Since then, the company also released a new service. This is the Waze Carpool. Initially, it was only available in Israel, the founders’ birth country. But later on, Google also released it in San Francisco. And then expanded it to the Bay Area.

And now, the Waze Carpool could start being used in even more locations. An announcement on the matter came earlier this week. It was released as part of an interview from Noam Bardin. The Waze boss revealed the new company plans on February 22nd.

According to Bardin, the Waze Carpool could soon start being available in an additional number of U.S.-based cities. And its expansion will not only target the domestic plane. Waze will also try to introduce its Carpool service in Latin America markets.

An expansion would mark a significant advancement for the Waze Carpool. It would mean that the company could speed up its pace in accomplishing its goals. Presently, Waze’s Carpool system progressed quite slowly.

Initially, it was only released in a limited number of markets. A very careful attention was paid to this gradual rollout. And the addition of new areas came at a slow rate. Still, transit partners and employers have been encouraging the use of such a service.

Carpooling is seen as a very useful variant. It may help reduce costs. And as people start sharing a ride, it may even help decongest the roads during peak hours.

And the Waze Carpool is somewhat different from other such services. The Google-owned service does not seem to be looking to generate a significant, if any, revenue.

More exactly, riders have to pay a small fee when they join a driver’s commute. But this is mostly used as gas money. It is basically splitting the gas cost. The rest of the sum goes and may help with the vehicle maintenance costs.

The Waze Carpool system is quite simple. It is just a connecting mechanism. As such, it doesn’t take any of the driver’s generated income. But it also doesn’t screen them. Riders pay significantly less for the service. But this may also make it more crowded. As it is, they should look to book a place, in order to be sure that they are covered.

According to Bardin, at least for the moment, they are just looking to expand the Waze Carpool outreach. As such, the program will remain the same. But if it will take off, it may come to see some changes. Bardin stated that, if their Carpool catches on, they may impose a tax. A 15 percent one, which will target riders and which will be taken by Waze.

For the moment, it remains to be seen if the Waze Carpool will significantly take off. And what will be its new locations. Presently, Bardin only vehiculated Sao Paulo as a potential future market.

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