Two years after Bailey filed suit against him and other officers

Family Photo of Capt. Thomas Araguz III and his wife, Nikki Araguz, during their wedding Aug. 23, 2008. But imagine how much more dangerous this can be if the police are doing this to a household that is armed and especially if they make a mistake and are busting in somewhere where the occupants have no reasonable expectation that the police might be coming to arrest them? I can accept that there are very rare circumstances where busting in doorways might be acceptable (and I don consider the potential for drug evidence to be flushed to be enough of a reason to knock down someone door). Obviously this happens much more frequently than good judgment calls for. It happens enough on TV that criminals apparently are using the technique for their own gain.

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replica oakleys Since 2000, there have been only three or four female officers on the force. One officer, Michele Edelman, testified on behalf of Bailey that she finally left and applied for a disability retirement because she could no longer handle alleged constant criticism and demands from her male supervisor.While saying that she should have been promoted in 2010, Bailey said she could not say that other officers who were promoted in the past few years are less qualified than she is. She also wouldn’t concedethat current Chief Stokoe might have been sincere in 2014 when he acknowledged a glowing letter from a County College of Morris employee about Bailey, who had assisted in calming a suicidal student.Two years after Bailey filed suit against him and other officers, Stokoewrote Bailey a note thanking her “for being a positive reflection of not only yourself but of this organization as well.””I don’t think I can (comment) on what Chief Stokoe was thinking,” Bailey said.Bailey has said that Mason began crowding her personal space and intimidating her and that supervisors made her rewrite duty reports, after she questioned the 2010 sergeant’s exam results. replica oakleys

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